From Dream to Reality
GDT Speedster From Dream to Reality
A book that details the creation of the famous, one-of-a-kind sports car is being
readied for publication. The book will contain more than 260 full color photos. It will
describe every major step in the 6-year process of designing, fabricating and
assembling the more than 2,000 components that went into the vehicle. It will include
the professional biographies of the team members and the rationale for embarking on
the exciting and rewarding project.
The book will appeal to both the readers who enjoy success stories and  those who
would like to better understand the complexities of creating a real dream car from the
ground up.
The book will be available thru the major worldwide booksellers such as Barnes &
Noble, Borders, Amazon and directly from the publisher

The target publication date is October 2007.